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Epygi Technologies Achieves Flowroute Interoperability Certification

November 21, 2016

Flowroute, a provider of communication services for SaaS companies, has an impressive number of companies taking part in its Flowroute Technology Partner Program. The program provides companies the opportunity to develop, validate and document their product’s interoperability with the Flowroute service. In order to achieve interoperability, the partner company’s equipment must go through rigorous testing to make sure that it works flawlessly with Flowroute’s solutions.

Recently, Flowroute announced that Epygi Technologies has passed testing, and has received interoperability certification. With this certification, Epygi, a worldwide provider of IP PBXs, gateways and conference servers, joins the ranks of other Flowroute partners such as Yealink, Grandstream, Sangoma Technologies, Mitel, beroNet and AudioCodes.

The certification efforts make Epygi's QX line of IP PBXs & gateways compatible with Flowroute's API-controlled communication services. With this verification, both companies can verify a high-performance operation for their customers. Additionally, service providers who look to Flowroute for guidance on where to find trusted solutions now have yet another option to choose from.

Epygi is happy to have passed Flowroute’s interoperability testing. The company’s North American channel manager, Mario Espaillat, explained why Epygi chose to join Flowroute’s partner program over other options by saying, “Our business is based on delivering innovative communications solutions for businesses, from small businesses to global enterprises, and we appreciate our common missions with Flowroute and their API-controlled carrier-grade services.” He continued, “Flowroute is uniquely able to give our customers complete control of their services which is the perfect complement to Epygi technologies, to meet the dynamic needs of their business environments.”

It appears that Flowroute is just as excited about Epygi joining the team: “Epygi's commitment to provide innovative VoIP equipment that improves efficiency and productivity for businesses of all sizes, makes them a great partner for Flowroute,” said Dan Nordale, chief marketing officer at Flowroute. “This joint certification represents our commitment to ensure our service-provider customers have great options for how they deliver reliable, innovative communication solutions for enterprises.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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