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VoIP Market Still Fruitful: Why You Should Consider IP PBX

October 26, 2016

Voice over Internet Protocol – more commonly known as “VoIP,” has been around for quite some time. The benefits have always been evident: Low costs, more efficiency, and added functionality. But even with better network services, advanced technologies, security and mobile device growth, some businesses are still just coming around to the idea of running voice and data communications via a single network.

According to one report from Zion Research published earlier this year, global demand for the VoIP services market was valued at over $83 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach above $140 billion in 2021 with anticipated growth of CAGR of above 9.1 percent between 2016 and 2021.

That’s a lot of room for vendors and providers to offer services that meet business needs. The choice between on-premises or hosted continues even today with all the benefits a managed service offers. Businesses that may have multi-location subscribers for example, may need an on-premises IP PBX if they want to enjoy VoIP.

There a many reasons to consider IP PBX for businesses making the switch. While cloud and hosted services are the fastest growing in the market – and are a terrific fit for small businesses and start-ups, there are medium and large businesses that require an on-premises IP PBX to keep them happy.

To meet this need, Zycoo offers Cloud Telephony Management System (CTMS), a dedicated telephone system solution for group enterprises that includes on-premises IP PBX to build-up a multi-location IP telephone network with up to 30 locations. This isn’t the traditional ‘remote extension’ but puts an IP -PBX on each location for large scale use and is easy to deploy while letting management concentrate on their core competencies.

CTMS is software-based and can easily integrate up to 30 ZYCOO CooVox-V2 series IPPBXs in a single VoIP telephony network for unified communications.  

And if you needed more convincing, the following is a comparison of three years cost for Cloud PBX vs. CTMS:

Host PBX (300 users only)

CTMS (300~15000 users)

1st year



2nd year



3rd year






Edited by Alicia Young

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